• Under the law of China, international students must purchase insurance in China which should cover “appropriate medical and accidental insurance for the duration of their study”. Students under no required insurance coverage will not be allowed to start or continue their study at HITSZ.

  • China Pingan Insurance Company provides comprehensive insurance plans (Insurance & Protection for Foreigners Staying in China) for international students in China. The insurance plan costs RMB 400 / half year or RMB 800 / year. Students shall pay their insurance fee by the following instructions.

  • For any circumstances relate to “Insurance & Protection for Foreigners Staying in China”, please refer to the relevant provisions of Ping An Insurance Company of China. Website:

  • International students are highly recommended to purchase insurance for their peer family members.

Reimbursement for Outpatient and Emergency

  • Within the insurance time, the daily limitation for outpatients is 600 Yuan. If the expense begins above a price of 650 Yuan, the insured can enjoy 85% of reimbursement with the max accumulative amount of 20,000 Yuan. The insurance liability will be terminated once the accumulative amount of payment reaches the sum insured.

  • Adversary/claim call: 400-810-5119 or check the Self-Service Claims Guide.

Insurance company Address: PingAn Building, No.23 Jin Rong Road, Xi Cheng District, Beijing.

Postal code: 100033

ReceiverZhang ChunxiaTel010-59731677


★Kindly reminder:

(1) Make sure your name on your medical report and receipts are the same as that on your passport

(2) Students should go to the hospital designated by the insurance company, otherwise the reimbursement request could not be accepted ( list of the hospital shall be found from the website of China Pingan Insurance Company

(3) Not all the medical treatment fees could be reimbursed. Please refer to the website of the insurance company and find your insurance package for more details.


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