Business collaborations

1.Companies in collaboration and financial management

The school has conducted substantial collaborations with over 800 companies, providing solutions for over 1400 technological issues. Companies in collaboration include Tencent, China Mobile, Vanke, China State Construction Forth Engineering Bureau, China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited, DJI, Shenzhen Metro, and Hitachi, etc. Government departments in collaboration include Shenzhen Customs District P.R.China, Water Resources Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, and Meteorological Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, etc. The school has established joint labs with over 59 companies, with total contract cost of over 87 million yuan, these companies include: Tencent, Microsoft, Schneider Electric, Ricoh China, China Merchants Securities, BGI, Konka, PingAn, Qi-Anxin, etc. The school has also established strategic partnership with Konka, Huawei, and J&A.

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