Medical Examination


  • University will drive all students to the hospital during the registration days(From 13th - 15th September 2023). You will be noticed by volunteers where you can take the bus on the same day.

  • For Students who will come after 15th September 2023, you need to go by yourself to the address below.

  • Please prepare all the documents below before you go.


Information of the Hospital:


Working Time: Monday-Friday  8:00—11:00  14:00—16:30

Address: 5th floor, #2 Building, Huanggang Port Living Quarters, Futian District, Shenzhen


*PLS don’t eat or drink anything before examination


Documents list:

  1. Passport and copies of passport personal information page, X valid visa and entrance stamp pages

  2. Admission Notice (original and copy)

  3. Three blue-backgrounds colored photos of two inches

  4. Fees for health examination, 480RMB(Pay at Hospital)

  5. If you go by yourself, the fee for delivery, 20RMB (The result will come out within 7 working days)


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