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Unified ID

All application systems on campus use the "Unified Identity Authentication Platform" for identity authentication and authorization management, the Unified ID for new students are opened by default after the student ID is generated. The account name and initial password are both the student ID (first login will remind you to change the password). You could maintain your personal information by accessing the Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) information portal and logging into the unified identity authentication platform.

Step 1: Access the information portal. Through the homepage of the campus official website ( Click on the "Information Portal" icon in the commonly used link bar.

Step 2: Login to unified identity authentication platform. After student enters their student ID and password, click on "Personal Information" ->"Change Phone Number" in the top right corner of the name to enter their phone number and SMS verification code. Click "Submit" to complete the binding of the phone. In "Personal Information" ->"Modify Password", enter the original password and set a new password. A combination of 8-20 English characters (case sensitive), numbers, and characters will be prompted to confirm whether the password meets the strength requirements. Click "Submit" to complete password maintenance.


The school provides free email services to all staffs and students. After the student ID is generated, the new student's email is opened by default, with the email suffix "@ stu. hit. edu. cn". The username and initial password are both the student ID (the first login will remind you to change the password). Students can access the email system of Harbin Institute of Technology ( ) to log in.

(1)Dual-factor authentication

At present, the email system has enabled dual-factor authentication, After logging into the web version of the email system, it will automatically jump to the dual-factor authentication login interface, as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1. Dual-factor authentication interface

Select the "Message" verification method, directly click "Next" to jump to the interface shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2. Mobile Phone Binding Interface

In the phone binding interface shown in Figure 2, enter the phone number and the received verification code, and click [Confirm] to complete the dual-factor authentication.

(2) Third-party client-side login

When logging in to the email through third-party clients (such as Outlook, Foxmail, etc.), it is necessary to set a client specific password in the email system. The setting method is: after logging into the webpage email, go to Settings ->Personal Information ->Email Password ->Client Specific Password ->Settings. The dedicated password is sixteen digits and is case sensitive.

Genuine Software

All staffs and students can use the Windows operating system series and Office software series purchased by the campus for free. New students can access the legitimate software platform through the campus network ( ) to perform software downloads, authorization activation, and other operations.

Contact Us

If students need to consult or solve information service issues such as unified identity authentication and campus network usage, one could get support through the following methods.

24-hour Information service

Service line: 0755-26033737

Office location: Room 308, T4 Teaching Building

Service email:

If you cannot speak Chinese, you can call 0755-26412445 during working hours for help in English.


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