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Temporary Card Service

In order to facilitate on-campus dining and access for new students during the registration period, the temporary card account for new students are opened by default after the student ID is generated, and can be logged in through the "Shenzhen University Town Campus Card" WeChat mini program. The usage method is as follows:

Step 1: Download WeChat and register. The operation methods are as follow (if you have registered WeChat, this step can be ignored and you can proceed directly to the step 2):

1. Open your mobile app store.

2. Search for WeChat and click install.

3. Enter WeChat and see the login and registration options on the login page. Click on 'Sign up'.

4. Phone number is required for WeChat registration, please enter an available phone number to register.

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WeChat login page WeChat sign up page


Step 2: Login and Use Shenzhen University Town Campus Card’ WeChat mini program

1. Use WeChat to scan the code to enter the Shenzhen University Town Campus Card’ mini program


2. Enter the campus card number and password, and click [Login]. The campus card number is 333+nine digit student number or 33+ten digit student number, and the initial password is the last six digits of the passport number.

3. Catering consumption. Enter the homepage of the mini program and click on the payment code to consume in cafeteria.

4. When the balance is insufficient, it is necessary to recharge. There are two methods available: offline recharge and online recharge.

Offline rechargeto Window 15, Campus Service Hall, University Town of Shenzhen.

Online rechargeClick on [Card Recharge] to recharge your campus card account, payment can be made through WeChat or Ping An Bank card.

University Town of Shenzhen Campus Service Hall Address: The first floor of Area A of the University Town Library, Lishui Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. Contact number: 0755-26033370   0755-26033746.

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Login page Catering consumption page

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Card recharge page

Campus Card Service

You should go to the Ping An Bank University Town Branch to get the campus card (with financial fuction). Please bring your Passport and Original Offer Letter with you.

Ping An Bank University Town Branch Address: The first floor of Area A of the University Town Library, Lishui Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. Contact number0755-86244092

When you arrived bank

Step1: Please use WeChat scan code to apply for campus card function after arriving at the outlet.

Step2: Wait for the approval, open the card at the counter, there are bank staff reception guidelines.

Kindly reminder: The bank can open up to 20 accounts per day. Please arrange for staggered processing times.


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