Application materials
Copy of your passport (including personal    information page, previous Chinese visa page and copies of all the arrival    and departure record of your former entrances to China if there is any; make    sure the valid period of your passport is at least 6 months);
Personal resume (including the educational    background and working experience);
Copy of certificate of the latest educational    level or certifying documents of your professional qualification;
Copy of Health certificate / Health examination    report that is still effective (within 6 months).
Copy of Preliminary Agreement;
E-copy of visa photo (jpg format, not larger than    200k, not less than 100 pixel for its length and width);
Copy of Statement of No Criminal Record issued by    police station in the applicant’s country.
For those who are going to apply for a Z Visa    outside their nationality countries, please offer copy of evidence to prove their    legal status in the country (Identity Card, Residence Permit, or Work Visa    etc.).
Information Collection Form
For family members :
                 ①family members’ passports.
                 ②legal documents that prove their spousal    or parent-child relationship (Marriage Certificate / Birth Certificate (for    children under the age of 18) . These documents need to be certified by a Chinese    embassy /consulate).


Important Notice:
 ·* Foreign Expert Working Permit and Confirmation Letter of Invitation are materials required to apply for a Z visa and will be
 applied in Shenzhen.
 ** Applicants usually acquire a visa in their country of residence.
 *** [Family members] refers to spouse, parents, parents-in-law, children under 18 years old. [Relationship certification] means
 marriage certificate, birth certificate, adoption certificate, household certificate, or other relative relationship certification.
 [Authentication] means certificates issued by foreign entities and institutions shall be certified by a Chinese embassy/consulate
 in your country.

·Only scanned copies of the materials above are required. Original documents are needed after being in China.

·For detail application materials for a Z visa to China, please refer to websites of Chinese Embassies in your country.

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