ZHEN Liang is appointed as Executive Deputy Director of the Preparation Office of HITSZ


The Party Committee of HIT appointed ZHEN Liang to serve as executive deputy director of the preparation office of HITSZ. HIT president ZHOU Yu arrived at Shenzhen and announced the appointment at the meeting held on 19th January. ZHEN Liang is currently the Assistant to HIT president and is recommended to be the candidate for deputy party secretary of HITSZ.

ZHOU Yu said, HIT and Shenzhen government will work together to improve the development of HITSZ. ZHEN Liang has proven experience in teaching, researching and administration. His skills and experience will further augment the capabilities of HITSZ’s leader group. ZHOU Yu expressed his appreciation for the current leader groups of HITSZ and hope Shenzhen campus will become a driving engine for the international development of HIT.

REN Nanqi, vice president of HIT, expressed his confidence for the future of Shenzhen campus. He believes HITSZ is a force to be reckoned with and will play a more important role in the whole HIT Scheme. He will provide full support for the development of HITSZ.

Tang Jie, Secretary of the Party Committee of HITSZ, delivered his opinions on HITSZ’s development. He mentioned that it’s a pioneering work for HIT to establish its branch campus in Shenzhen and the future of HITSZ will be bright. Now the school is at the turning point to become a comprehensive university. All the preparation work for new campus construction will be completed in the new semester. Construction for state key laboratories is one of the works needs to be done first.

ZHEN Liang showed his appreciation for the trust and support of the Party Committee of HIT. He expressed confidence in fulfilling his task and determination to dedicate to the future development of HITSZ. He mentioned that HITSZ will heritage the fine tradition of HIT and strive to become an excellence university as everyone expected.

YAO Yingxue, Rector of HITSZ, and ZHANG Min, Vice secretary of the Party Committee of HITSZ and Vice Rector of HITSZ, expressed their warm welcome to ZHEN Liang.

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