HIT 2015 Top Ten News


1The 12th HIT CPC Congress Defines Objectives And Tasks For The University Development.
The 12th CPC Congress of HIT was held on 18th Dec. The congress reviewed the work and achievements HIT has accomplished since the 11th Congress, analyzed the opportunities and challenges HIT is facing and defined objectives and tasks for the coming five years.

2HIT Has Special Education On “Three Stricts And Three Steadies”
HIT had a series of special education activities on “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” according to requirements of the CPC Central Committee. Secretary of HIT CPC Committee WANG Shuquan gave party lectures and Secretaries of CPC Committee in Weihai and Shenzhen campuses also lectured for party members respectively. Website was also opened in HIT for “Three Stricts and Three Steadies” special education.

3Plan On Comprehensive Reformation Of Education Made In HIT
Plan for comprehensive reformation on education has been made in HIT and reported to the Ministry of Industry and Information as well as the Ministry of Education of China. The plan includes 50 terms. Content of the plan concerns about the general requirements, tasks, and leadership and organization of the reform, covering 8 areas with 44 detail tasks. The general goal of the reform is to improve system and management mechanism of modern university. Morality education, disciplinary planning, and personnel system and faculty development are important parts of the reform. The reform would be carried out systematically with an overall plan.

4Professor HAN Jiecai Elected Academician Of Chinese Academy Of Science
Professor HAN Jiecai, doctoral supervisor and Vice President of HIT, has been working and researching on thermal protective composite for super-high temperature and aerospace materials. He leads many key national scientific projects and has gained plenty of awards for his outstanding achievements in his scientific research.

5Big Science Project Gets Approval For Its Research Phase
The project “Ground Simulator for Space Environment” (Bin Science Project) has gained approval from the National Development and Reform Commission with a total fund of 1.5 billion RMB, among which 1.2 billion is from the central government, 210 million from the Ministry of Industry and Information, and 350 square meters’ land and matching financial support from Heilongjiang Province. Part of the advance research work has been carried out and more will be done after instruments and devices specially designed for the project being put into use.

6The Project “Shengung III Laser Device – Photoelectrical Targeting Control System” Elected Top Ten Scientific And Technological Progress Of Chinese Universities
Shenguang III Project was started in the 1990’s and is one of the “Big Science Project” in our country.HIT research team led by Professor LIANG Yingchun, ZHAO Hang and LIU Guodong has been working on the project and tackled key technology problems in the last 10 years. Their research result has laid sound foundation for research in the future.

7HIT Established Groups And Companies For Industrialization Of Scientific Research
HIT established HIT Robot Group, HIT Welding Industrial Group, HIT Laser Communication Company and HIT Radar Information Technology Company to promote the industrialization of research achievements of the university. So far 81 companies have been set up and 4 enterprises have been listed, providing 120 thousand working positions in Heilongjiang Province.

8Satellite “Zidingxing ” Independently Developed By Student Launched Successfully
Satellite “Zidingxing Ⅱ”, which was developed independently by HIT student team, was launched successfully in Taiyuan on Sept. 20th 2015. This is the first satellite which was solely designed, developed and controlled by undergraduate and graduate students with an average age of less than 24.

9Conference on Undergraduate Education Defines Development Objectives and Tasks In The 13th Five-year-plan
The 15th Conference on Undergraduate Education Defines Development Objectives and Tasks in the 13th Five-year-plan. HIT would insist people-oriented strategy, morality education, and high education quality. HIT education should be featured with sound foundation, strong practical skills, strict education process and innovation. Its education system should include complete liberal education and professional education system, and personalized development of individuals and flexible management system. HIT should cultivate innovative talents with strong beliefs, good morality, abundant knowledge, practical skills and international horizon.

10Weihai Campus and Shenzhen Campus Gain Rapid Development With One Standard Among The Three Campus
2015 is the 30th anniversary of Weihai Campus. In the past 30 years Weihai Campus has gained great achievements in student education and scientific research with marine science as its feature.

In 2015, Preparation Office and CPC Committee of HIT (Shenzhen) have been established. HIT (Shenzhen) has accelerated its construction of undergraduate campus, which will contribute to the development process of building HITSZ a first class university in the world.

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