Associate Professor WANG Wei Published Paper in International Key Journal


The 12th CPC Congress of HIT was held successfully on 18th Dec, 2015 in HIT. The congress was broadcasted live to Weihai Campus and Shenzhen Campus. WANG Shuquan gave work report to review general work and achievements the 11th CPC Committee of HIT has achieved. His report also analyzed the challenges HIT now is facing and set forth tasks and objectives for the future development of HIT. Deployment to strengthen and improve the construction of CPC Party in HIT was also given in his report.

Member of the party group of the Ministry of Industry and information JIN Shubo affirmed what have been achieved since the 11th CPC Congress in HIT. He gave three suggestions for the reform and development of HIT in his speech. First, HIT should always attach importance to the morality education of students, and should strive to become a first class university with Chinese features in the world. Second, HIT should push forward technology innovation. Third, HIT should strengthen the construction of CPC Party. Standing member of CPC Committee of Heilongjiang Province ZHANG Xiaolian Spoke highly of the achievements HIT has made and hoped that HIT could speed up its pace to improve its management system, promote the transformation of new technology to serve the economic development of Heilongjiang Province.

After the opening ceremony of the congress, representatives discussed the work report from the 11th CPC committee, that from the Committee of the Discipline Inspection, and speeches of superior leaders, based on which opinions and suggestions were raised. The congress elected 27 members of the 12th CPC Committee of HIT and 11 members of the Committee of Discipline Inspection. The congress passed the work report of the 11th CPC Committee of HIT and affirmed the great job the 11th CPC Committee had done in the last 5 years. The congress required HIT should practice decisions of The eighteenth national congress of CPC of China and its second, third, fourth and fifth meetings of the Central Committee.

The congress pointed out that the HIT standard is its tradition and feature. Three campuses of HIT should follow the same standard in elite education, scientific research, community service and cultural inheriting and innovation. The congress emphasized that student education should be always in the central position of our work and HIT should strengthen and improve the construction of the CPC party, pushing forward the construction of HIT towards a first class university in the world. President of HIT ZHOU Yu gave closing remark at the congress.

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