The 15th Conference on Undergraduate Education of HIT Defines Objectives and Tasks in the 13th Five-Year-Plan Period


The 15th Conference on Undergraduate Education was held on Nov 27th afternoon in HIT. The conference reviewed the undergraduate education work in the 12th Five-year-plan period and defined objectives and tasks for the 13th Five-year-plan period. HIT Leaders WANG Shuquan, ZHOU Yu, XIONG Sihao, DING Xuemei, XU Xiaofei etc. presented at the conference.

Conference on Undergraduate Education is a very important conference in HIT which is held every four years. Before the 15th conference, the university has carried out over 160 debates, and over 6000 faculty members and students have participated in the activities. On the 15th conference, three reports on undergraduate education were given from the Faculty of Municipal Administration, Faculty of Electrical information and Faculty of Computer Science as the symbolic achievements of the debate.

President of HIT ZHOU Yu gave a speech on the conference. He pointed out that morality education was the base of education and to develop the university into a first class university in the world would be the objective of HIT. He fully affirmed the achievement HIT has made and raised clear requirements for talent education in the coming years. He hoped that people in HIT could grasp the opportunity during the transformation period of China to develop HIT into a first class university in the world.

DING Xuemei gave a work report on the conference. She pointed out that there were 3 tasks of the conference. One is to review work in the 12th Five-year-plan, summing up experience for future development; second is to find out main problems that restrained our development; and third is to discuss and release policies which would push forward the development of HIT.

Executive Deputy Dean of Undergraduate School SHEN Yi hosted the conference. Members of the Teaching Committee for Undergraduate education, heads of administration departments, heads of faculties, representatives from faculty members, students participated in the conference.

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