Evening Party Held for the Celebration of the 2015 National Day and the Welcoming of New Students


Evening Party was held to celebrate the 2015 National Day and welcome new students on 29th September. Director of the Office of Student Development YU Xiaoguo and more than 600 other faculties and students took part in the event.
The party began with the dance “TikTok” by the School of Urban Planning and Management. Other performance included song “Setting out”, “You are a song in my heart”, “I really get hurt”, short sketch “New Blood”, “Having a rough time in such way”, dance “Initial Rising Sun”, “What make you beautiful”, chorus “Repay the country with supreme loyalty”, and “The song of HIT” etc.
During the party, students expressed their best wishes to HITSZ and themselves through Wechat texts. Many of them wished a great success of the party, and others hoped that all of them could have a better future.

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