Preparation Office and Temporary Party Committee for HIT (Shenzhen) Founded


The first meeting of Preparation Office and Temporary Party Committee for HIT (Shenzhen) was held on 11th September. Deputy Mayor WU Yihuan declared the founding of the Preparation Office and Temporary Party Committee. President ZHOU Yu was assigned Head of the Office, and former deputy mayor of Shenzhen TANG Jie as Party Secretary of the Temporary Committee. Before the meeting, Deputy Party Secretary of Guangdong Province and Party Secretary of Shenzhen MA Xingrui, and Mayor of Shenzhen XU Qin met with delegation led by ZHOU Yu, expressing their hopes to speed up the construction of HIT (Shenzhen).
ZHOU Yu expressed thanks to the Shenzhen Government for its great support to HITSZ for the past years. HITSZ would sort out tasks for the construction of HIT (Shenzhen) and push forwards the completion of the tasks. Meanwhile, HITSZ would get well preparation to convene the first Board Conference. WU Yihuan pointed out that it was important to build a communication mechanism between the government and the university. HITSZ should listen widely to suggestions and opinions on its disciplinary planning and construction to make sure that its disciplines setting meet the demand of the industries and the society. The Shenzhen Government had placed great expectation on HIT (Shenzhen) hoping that HIT (Shenzhen) could play a leading role in higher education in the region by exploring new approaches for the higher education reform in fields of student education, faculty team construction and management mechanism. TANG Jie said HIT should not only focus on the construction of HIT (Shenzhen), but also push forward the construction of the International Space College as well as International Design School. The three projects would be an important part in Shenzhen education field. HIT (Shenzhen) would always follow the united development plan and same academic standard of the Greater HIT Scheme.
Later in the meeting, relevant officers and members of the Preparation Office had further discussion on construction planning and progress, financial support, equipment purchase, housing for faculty members, and space for research etc.

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