Opening Ceremony for 2015 School Year and New Students Enrollment Held in HITSZ


Opening Ceremony for 2015 School Year and New Students Enrollment was held in HITSZ. President of HIT ZHOU YU present at the ceremony and gave a speech to students and faculty member.
In his speech, ZHOU Yu raised his requirements to students as well as to faculty and staff in HITSZ. He said, since the foundation of HIT, the university has always been connecting itself closely with the development of the country and made great contribution to the society. HIT people should stick to the HIT motto of “Strictest Standard and Greatest Effort” and follow the same development plan and academic standards among the three campuses. In April 2014 HIT signed an agreement with the Shenzhen Government to co-found HIT (Shenzhen) in which undergraduate program would be developed. In 5 years HIT (Shenzhen) should be developed into a comprehensive university including undergraduate and graduate programs covering disciplines of engineering, natural sciences, economics, humanities and arts. HIT (Shenzhen) should strive to become a first class international university in the future.
ZHOU Yu also expressed his hopes to new students. First, students should be diligent in their study. Second, they should nurture a spirit of innovation. Third, they should be an honest and friendly people in the society, and fourth, they need to follow strict standard in their study and work. For faculty members, ZHOU Yu pointed out that teaching and student education is the root of a university which faculty members should always attach importance to. Another mission of university education is to carry forward good tradition of the institution. Besides, faculty should improve their ability in research, while administrative staff should provide good service to faculty and students.
Professor ZHANG Qinyu and Andrew Baker gave speeches respectively on behalf of faculty members, and Han Junlong, Suglila Nicola and ZHANG Chang’an made speeches on behalf of students.
HITSZ leaders of and that of the University Town of Shenzhen also presented at the ceremony.

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