Speech of President ZHOU Yu at the Opening Ceremony of 2015 School Term


Good morning, dear students, faculties and parents.

First, please allow me to welcome all the newly admitted students on behalf of the faculty members and students in HIT. Also I want to express my thanks to all the parents and teachers of these students from the bottom of my heart.

Here I want to express some of my opinions on the development of HITSZ, and my hopes to students, and faculty and staff in HITSZ.

HIT was a school originally provided personnel support for the Mid-east Railway construction. After the founding of P. R. China, it followed a Russian style running system. Since then, HIT has always been one of the key universities which receive great support from the Chinese government. From the launch of the mini-satellite to that of Shenzhou Spacecrafts, from Chang’e ⅠCircumlunar Satellite to Jiaolong Manned Submersible, HIT has made great contribution to every step of China’s development in high-tech industries. Under the “Greater HIT” scheme, HIT is formed by three campuses which are located in Harbin, Weihai and Shenzhen. The three campuses follow the unified HIT development plan and the same education standard. After getting approval for the independent student admission from the Ministry of Education of China, HITSZ will admit undergraduate students with admission score no less than that of HIT Harbin. HITSZ, with both fine traditions of HIT and innovative school running systems, is striving to become an international higher education institution.

In April 2014, HIT signed a new agreement with the Shenzhen Municipal Government to start undergraduate programs in Shenzhen. Construction for undergraduate programs then entered into a new phase. According to the plan, HITSZ will welcome its first 300 undergraduate students next September. By 2020, HIT (Shenzhen) will reach a scale of 9000 students on campus including undergraduate and graduate students, covering academic areas of Engineering, Natural Sciences, Economics, Management, Humanities, and Arts. HITSZ will try its best to develop itself into a comprehensive university in the next five years which should be pride of HIT and cherished by Shenzhen.

Inheritance is the responsibility of HITSZ, and innovation should be its inevitable mission. Those which should be inherited include not only the university motto but also the fine tradition and high social responsibility of HIT. In the future, the word “Creation” will be endowed fresh significance by HIT Shenzhen. A well-developed English education system will foster a more internationalized learning environment on campus. Small-classroom teaching and credit-oriented system will deliver personalized learning experiences to our students. Courses and activities, which combine scientific spirit and humanistic concern together, will cultivate students’ personality and inspire their wisdoms. HITSZ will focus on the new demand of the regional economic development and be devoted to serve strategic emerging industries including Life Health, Information Technology, and New Energy.

All of you will witness a turning point in the history of HIT Shenzhen. As your teacher, here I have three points of expectation for you. First, I hope you can become integrated talents with solid research skills, sound fundamental knowledge, high practical ability, and rigorous thinking capacity. Second, I hope you can be innovative under the support of the school’s entrepreneurship courses and platforms. Third, I hope you can become high-quality talents with honesty and kindness as your life motto.

To our faculty members and staff, I hope you all keep in mind that student cultivation is above all the other matters in our university. The priority of a teacher is to give high quality classes and to educate your students. Then you can improve your ability in academic research and catch up with the front edge of the scientific research in your field. Third, do not forget to pass on the good traditions of HIT. Last but not least, I hope all of the staff in HITSZ can serve our faculty members and students with heart and soul. If our faculty members and staff can do as I hope, HITSZ can have brighter and better future.

Finally, I wish you all success in your study and enjoy your life in HIT Shenzhen!

Thank you!

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