Monographs Co-authored by Professor ZHANG Meng Given as A Gift to the Vice Prime Ministers of China and Russia


The unveiling ceremony of Russian Research Center co-established by Renmin University of China and Saint Petersburg University was held in Beijing recently. Tow monographs, named Overview of Russian Law (Chinese Version) and Political Economics of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, was given as a gift to LIU Yandong, Deputy Premier of State Council of China, and Golo Jerzy, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. As a co-author of these two books, professor ZHANG Meng from School of Natural Sciences and Humanities of HITSZ was invited to attend the activity.
Another co-author is GUAN Xueling, vice dean and chairman of the CPC committee of Economic School of Renmin University of China. These two books are highly recommended by CHENG Guoping, Deputy Minister of The Foreign Affairs Ministry of China and attract significant concern from the academic area. 

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