HITSZ Students Win First Prize in the 3rd Star of Aoya Design Contest


Three students, Haodong Peng, Honhqian Shi, and Hongri Tian, from School of Urban Planning and Management received the first prize of the 3rd Star of Aoya Design Contest for their project named “Sui Yun Daao”.

Sponsored by Canadian Aoya Design Group, the Contest is part of the long-term training program for nurturing talents in areas of architecture and urban planning. HITSZ students have worked on the case of the Daao Fishing Village and come up with an operable project design which integrated successfully the ecological, living, industrial, and cultural solutions with space improvement for the village. Their project was highly appreciated by the assessment committee of the Contest and awarded the first prize . Over 100 submitted projects from 70 universities in the Contest.

Other projects which have won the “Excellent Work Award” from the contest include “Time-Space” designed by Pengju Yang, Donghui Yang and Ying Liu, and “Darning-Balance” by Zhuo Jiang, Yamei Xie and Huidi Bu. All the six students are from the School of Urban Planning and Management.

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