Key Laboratories

At HITSZ, laboratories are operated at state, municipal, and school levels. All these laboratories are open to the public.

·Network Oriented Intelligent Computation (CS / EE)   National-level
·Advanced Materials & Technology (Material)        National-level
·Advanced Manufacturing Technology ( ME)         National-level
·Digital Manufacturing Technology (ME)
·Wind Power and Smart Grids (ME)
·Advanced Motion Control and Modern Automation Equipments (ME)
·Urban Planning and Decision Making Simulation (Urban Planning)
·Wind Environment Technology (Urban Planning)
·Urban & Civil Engineering Disaster Prevention & Mitigation (Civil)
·Water Resources Utilization and Environmental Pollution Control (Civil)
·Internet Information Collaboration (CS)
·Internet Multimedia Technology (CS)
·Digital Medical Imaging Technique and Telemedicine (EE)
·Wireless Ubiquitous Networks  (EE)
·Internet of Things Terminal Key Technology (EE)
·Flexible Transparent Conductive Films (Materials)
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