Clubs & Organizations

1. HITSZ Student Union

The Student Union of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen (referred to as HITSZ Student Union) is the main student organization under the leadership of the Party Committee of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, and the specific guidance of the Youth League Committee of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen and Guangdong Student Federation (Guangdong Student Federation, Shenzhen Student Federation), and it is the bridge and link between the school and students. The Student Union of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen is a mass organization of students on the whole campus and a campus-level organization of the Student Union of Harbin Institute of Technology. It accepts the leadership of the campus Party Committee and the guidance of the campus Youth League Committee, and actively cooperates with the Student Union of Harbin Institute of Technology to fulfill various tasks on the basis of earnestly carrying out campus work. Based on the concept of "seeking truth and exploring, serving together", the HITSZ Student Union constantly strengthens the construction of its own team, pays attention to the innovation and exploration of the students' work in the university, and carries out various student activities extensively, so as to actively give full play to the advantages of the students' work in the all-round development of university campus. All full-time students in Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen are members of the Student Union. The Executive Committee of HITSZ Student Union is the permanent organization of the Student Union and is in charge of the daily work of the Student Union. The Executive Committee of HITSZ Student Union takes the Presidium as the core and the Office as the hub, and it has set up seven other functional departments: the Publicity Department, New Media Department, Liaison Department, Life Department, Academic Department, Literature and Art Department and Sports Department. HITSZ Student Union has played an important role in promoting the creation of academic atmosphere and cultural and ideological progress, accelerating the all-round development of students and improving the comprehensive quality of students in school. The main responsibility of the Presidium is to brainstorm and guide the reform and innovation of the Student Union actively, to strengthen contact and communication with each department of the school, to convey the instruction spirit of superiors timely, and to carry out various activities with emphasis on this basis. As the highest leading and coordinating agency of the Student Union, the Presidium directly leads the eight departments under the Student Union, and it is mainly responsible for leading and presiding over the daily work of the Student Union within the campus. According to the actual situation and the instruction spirit of the campus Youth League Committee, it grasps the dynamics of the Student Union as a whole and makes overall arrangements, supervision and coordination for the work plans of different departments.

2. Postgraduate Association

2.The Postgraduate Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen (hereinafter referred to as the "Postgraduate Association") is a student autonomous organization that represents and safeguards the interests of all students in the campus under the leadership of the Party Committee of the school. Established in 2004, the Graduate School is the earliest student organization in Shenzhen Campus. The Presidium has one chairman and three vice-chairmen, and it has six functional departments, namely, the Secretariat, Academic Department, Life Department, Publicity Department, Culture and Sports Department and Liaison Department. Adhering to the motto of "Strict Specifications, Hard Work" and aiming at "Self-education, Self-management, Self-service and Self-supervision", the Postgraduate Association aims to provide students with a broad communication platform and exhibition stage, and is committed to creating the most satisfactory student organization in students' hearts.

3. Students’ Association Union

Established on May 7, 2017, the Students’ Association Union of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen is one of the three major student organizations of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen. The background of its establishment is the new pattern of "one heart, two rings" organization in the campus. At the opening ceremony of the first Association Culture Festival, the Students’ Association Union (hereinafter referred to as the Association Union) was formally established to co-ordinate, manage and serve the whole school's student associations. The Association Union is responsible for incubating new students' associations, assisting the development of primary associations, coordinating the cooperation between associations and student organizations, and supervising all associations. Based on the above responsibilities, the Association Union has organized a series of activities such as the reply to the application for the establishment of an association, the association culture festival, the dormitory culture festival, and the comprehensive evaluation meeting of associations. In the future, the Association Union will continue to hold more activities beneficial to associations. The Association Union is divided into four departments: the Office, Activity Department, Liaison Department and Publicity Department.

4. Vision Studio

4.Established on November 19, 2016, Vision Studio is a student organization affiliated to the Publicity Department of the Party Committee of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen. Vision Studio has more than 30 current members, who are mainly responsible for assisting in the campus publicity and the official media operation of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen (such as the official account, Weibo, bilibili, Tik Tok, qq space account, etc.), observing university life with the eyes of students, and recording every bit of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen. Vision Studio is now divided into the Photography Department, Video Department and New Media Department, Operation Department, which are responsible for taking pictures and videos, composition and layout of tweets respectively. Among them, the Operation Department is a newly established department, whose responsibility is to operate the official bilibili account and association space account of the school. Since its establishment, Vision Studio has created more than 60 tweets for the official account of the school. Last year, the association produced 12 original tweets for the WeChat official account of the school, and assisted the Publicity Department of the school Party Committee in producing 29 tweets, with a cumulative page view of nearly 90,000. At the same time, Vision Studio is also responsible for operating the official bilibili account of the school, with more than 7,000 fans increased within one year and nearly 70,000 video broadcasts. Among them, 9 videos were produced by Vision Studio, with a cumulative broadcast volume of 20,000. Join us, press the shutter together and send the voice for students of Harbin Institute of Technology to the world!

5. Student Art Troupe

Founded on September 11, 2015, the Student Art Troupe adheres to the belief of "one mind on art, never give up, pass on from generation to generation, and keep on prospering". Although it is a new association, it is full of popularity and vitality, and is famous for being active and changeable among many associations. Student Art Troupe will be another door in your life, just waiting for you to open it slowly. The Student Art Troupe of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen is divided into eight departments - the Office, Dance Department, Drama Department, Instrumental Music Department, Etiquette Department, Chorus Department, Hosting and Recitation Department and Electroacoustic Department. All departments are closely linked and coordinated, which not only expand everyone's self-diversity, but also contribute one wonderful performance after another to the students, enriching their daily life. No matter you are a freshman or a great recluse with special skills, as long as you have enthusiasm for art, the Student Art Troupe of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen welcomes you.

6. Youth Maker Club

Based on the "Youth Maker Space" of the Ministry of Science and Technology in the campus, the Youth Maker Club carries out daily activities such as innovation practice, maker training, entrepreneurship education and science and technology competition, focusing on the cultivation of students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability, providing students with professional services such as creative practice platform, innovative technical guidance, entrepreneurship incubation assistance and venture capital resource integration, and striving to enhance the innovative and entrepreneurial culture atmosphere of the school, cultivate students' innovative spirit and practical ability, and improve students' comprehensive quality. The Youth Maker Club has successively carried out more than 20 large-scale Maker activities, such as Science and Technology Academic Festival, Student Science and Technology Innovation Project, Global Maker Marathon, etc., and has conducted more than 20 Maker education and training courses in different categories, such as 3D printing design, 3D modeling, electronic design and single chip microcomputer for the students in the whole school. The Youth Maker Club of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen has become a scientific and technological association with the advantages of human resources, core technical capabilities and product engineering transformation capabilities, and has made great contributions to the construction of innovative culture in the campus.

7. Volunteer Association

"Righteousness" starts from peers, responsibility of University of Technology, link to love - the Volunteer Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen was formally registered and established on May 24, 2010. It belongs to Shenzhen Volunteer Association and is directly led by the Youth League Committee of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen. It is one of the core associations of our school and an important social practice window of our school. The activities of the Volunteer Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen cover both inside and outside the school. In 2019 to 2020, more than 30 volunteer activities were held, and more than 1,500 student volunteers were encouraged to participate in Shenzhen International Marathon, China International Hi-tech Fair and other large-scale activities, volunteer service and regular volunteer activities such as helping the elderly and helping students, targeted poverty alleviation, supporting education and donating blood, etc., which enriched campus cultural life and achieved fruitful results in improving students' quality and building a harmonious society. The Volunteer Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen is an association with the largest number of members and the greatest social influence in our school. Be a Shenzhen native when you come, and be a volunteer when you come. No matter who you are, as long as you have a heart willing to give and want your ability to be trained and recognized, come and join the big family of our Volunteer Association! (Welcome to join the QQ group of 2020 HITSZ Volunteer Association: 1145744732) "Yi" family, Volunteer Association, waiting for you!

8. Basketball Association

8.The Basketball Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen was formally registered and established in September 2012. The Basketball Association flourishes under the strong support of the Youth League Committee of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen and the guidance of the instructor Zhang Wenzhao. In these eight years of extraordinary experience, the Basketball Association has continuously learned lessons and summed up experience, and its team has also grown. Up to now, the Basketball Association has trained 2 first-class basketball referees, 2 second-class basketball referees and 10 third-class basketball referees. Adhering to the aim of "setting off a college basketball storm and displaying the elegant demeanor of contemporary students", the association has comprehensively improved the influence of basketball in Shenzhen University City and its surrounding areas by hosting and undertaking various basketball events, and strived to create a positive basketball atmosphere and enrich the campus cultural life. At present, the association has three departments: the Referee Department, Technology Exchange Department and Organization & Publicity Department. Here, you can strive to be a better player, learn to be an excellent basketball referee, and exercise your ability to organize a series of basketball events. The association takes the Referee Department as the main part, actively participates in all kinds of basketball events inside and outside the school, improves the referee's working ability, and creates a better basketball environment for everyone. Basketball is an indispensable extracurricular cultural activity for contemporary college students. We expect you who love basketball to join us!

9. Nature Studio

9.The Nature Studio of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen was established in June 2005, and its predecessor was the Nature Forum of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen. Nature Studio is a first-class association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, which aims to cultivate and improve the humanistic quality of teachers and students in the engineering school. There are three departments in the association: the Planning Department, Promotion Department and Implementation Department, which are mainly responsible for the three stages of activity planning, publicity and implementation. Nature Studio owns three cultural brands: Nature Forum, Nature School and Nature Appointment. Nature Forum is the main brand of nature series with high ideological connotation and high influence as the standard. Famous experts, scholars and industry elites are invited to give speeches, and the guest's personal ideological realm and life charm are highlighted. Taking knowledge, popularity and timeliness as the standard, the Nature School invites experts from various disciplines and industries to give lectures, focusing on spreading knowledge, which is different from the ideological content of the Nature Forum. Nature Appointment is defined as salon activity. At the same time, we jointly hold some large-scale humanities activities, such as dramas and art exhibitions through exchanges and cooperation with various humanities student associations and social organizations. The production of posters and tickets is one of the core abilities of the association. We have hosted and co-organized many poster lectures and provided internal poster design training. In addition, the humanities activities sponsored by the association are the main features of the studio, including manual and sports activities, such as 21-day punch-in, dubbing contest, logo design, recitation contest and so on. Engineering craftsman • artistic heart - the Nature Studio integrates creativity, science and humanities. Poetry and distance are here. We look forward to your joining who has artistic heart and loves challenges! Let's work together to create a clear literary and artistic style for our engineering school. Nature, it will be your choice without regret!

10. Lilac Debate Association

10.Lilac Debate Association is an association with the aim of "improving the level of debate in the association, creating an atmosphere of debate in the school and participating in debate competitions outside the school", and with the goal of "creating a cultural environment internally and striving for honor externally". It is committed to cultivating speculative ability and eloquence through debate and providing a platform for everyone to think and express. Activities carried out in the association include Freshmen Cup Debate Competition and Liyuan Cup Campus Debate Competition, etc. We will select new members through the Freshmen Cup Debate Competition. During the competition, each team will have a dedicated coach to lead the novice to get started easily. As the competition representing the highest level of debate in the school, the outstanding debaters in the school will show their talents and compete fiercely in Liyuan Cup. In addition to holding on-campus debate competitions, the Debate Association also participates in off-campus competitions on behalf of the school, including Shenzhen College Young Students Debate Invitational Competition, Shenzhen "Reading Month" Debate Competition, Chinese Debate World Cup, "Thinking Star" Speculation Competition, etc. Members can not only learn from each other, but also have plenty of opportunities to exchange and learn with other college students. Through these activities, you will learn how to think critically and how to make your views more convincing. More importantly, you will gain a group of sincere and interesting friends. Of course, the debate association has not only debates, but also a series of happy daily activities of the association, such as round-table discussions and board games of werewolf killing. If you are keen on organizing activities, the Lilac Debate Association also welcomes you to do great things. Have you got a crush? Quickly scan the QR code below to follow us and be the person who is best at reasoning in Harbin Institute of Technology!

11. Psychology Association

11.The Psychology Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen is a school-level-1 student association guided by the Student Affairs Office, which is both service-oriented and academic. In addition to enriching students' extracurricular life, helping students broaden their interpersonal relationships and improve their comprehensive quality, we also devote to publicizing and popularizing psychology-related knowledge, guiding students to pay attention to their hearts, solving psychology-related problems encountered in study, work and life reasonably and correctly, and providing broad and feasible ways for students to seek psychological help. Our activities are rich, varied, interesting and meaningful, such as "Psychological Drama Competition", "Sandplay", "5C Talent Training Camp", "Watching Movies and Healing Hearts", "Reading Group", "Meditation Group", "Mental Health Knowledge Competition" and psychological lectures. In short, we are relaxed and cheerful, full of positive energy! The Psychology Association is composed of the Presidium, the Office, the Publicity Department and the Organization Department. Each department carries out coordination and distribution of responsibilities, and works together to contribute to creating a "harmonious, sunny and broad" campus psychological environment. If you are interested in psychology, if you want to know more friends, please join the recruitment QQ group 1050970662 of 2020 Psychology Association. Stick to the gleam in your heart, your dream will set sail here, and let’s meet at the Psychology Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen in September!

12. International Communication Association

12.Welcome to the HIT Shenzhen International Communication Association. We are an independent student association under the leadership of the International Affairs Office of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen. The LOGO of the association, inspired by UNESCO, will adopt the image of the main building of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen and outline the shape of the earth with longitude and latitude lines on the back. It means that the association is committed to building a broader world stage for students of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen. Since its establishment one year ago, the association has had its official email, cultural shirts, WeChat official account and official website which is being built, and it has also held activities as follows: 1. International Summer Camp: More than 30 students from the Netherlands, Britain and South Korea were invited to spend a wonderful holiday together. 2. International Education Exhibition: More than 20 universities outside the country (territory) and students from other universities were invited to participate in the exhibition with nearly 2,000 participants. 3. HITSZ Passport: In order to enhance the campus identity for students of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, and to connect the activities of the association in series and form incentives, the association independently designed and produced the HITSZ Passport. 4. Shenzhen International Model Federation, co-organized with the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, South University of Science and Technology and Shenzhen MSU-BIT University. The free, lively and young HSICA expects you to join HSICA and embrace the world.

13. Employment Association

The Employment Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen was established in September 2009. As a bridge between enterprises and graduates, the Employment Association always takes "based on campus, serving students, promoting employment and achieving the future" as its purpose, and takes helping students know themselves, develop themselves, improve themselves, establish correct professional values, cultivate good employment awareness and establish rational and complete career development plans as its duty. There are four departments under the Employment Association, namely, the Business Department, Liaison Department, Publicity Department and Office. The Business Department is responsible for holding the brand activities of Employment Association and organizing various activities inside and outside the school; The Liaison Department is responsible for following up and contacting the lecture guests and connecting with the off-campus guests; The Publicity Department is responsible for the publicity work of the association activities; The Office is the bridge and link of the internal construction of the association, which is mainly responsible for organizing the logistics materials and work records of the association. The four departments cooperate with each other while performing their respective duties, aiming at providing students with more perfect and thoughtful employment services. There are many activities organized by the Employment Association every semester, among which brand activities include: large-scale job fairs, a series of activities of famous enterprises in China (visiting Tencent, Huawei, DJI, Vanke and other enterprises), summer social practice, innovation and entrepreneurship training camps, leaderless group interviews, series of lectures on employment guidance, simulated recruitment competitions, corporate presentations and so on, which have won unanimous praise from teachers and students of the whole school and external enterprises. If you want to get in touch with HR of famous enterprises earlier, get to know your favorite employers earlier than other students, learn more practical interview skills, and make these activities beneficial to students better and better, then welcome to scan code and join the 2020 Employment Association recruitment group. In September, we will meet in HITSZ!

14. Ice Wheel Cycling Association

14.The Ice Wheel Cycling Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen was established in October 2014, and established Shenzhen University City Cycling Association together with Nanyan Cycling Association of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School and the Cycling Association of Graduate School at Shenzhen Tsinghua University. Cycling is not only a sport, but also a culture in the eyes of cyclers, and more so, it carries our faith. Members of the Ice Wheel Cycling Association use bicycles as tools to "travel thousands of miles and read social books", hone their will quality, and know how to face difficulties and face up to the increasingly competitive society. With bicycles as the medium, the Ice Wheel Cycling Association builds a common home for its members, builds a sincere friendship with each other, and also provides a stage for them to fully show themselves, so that they can get a good opportunity to exercise themselves. Every week, the association organizes short-distance cycling activities under appropriate weather conditions, such as Yangtai Mountain Greenway Leisure Ride and Big Barrier Forest Park Ride, which not only let us exercise the body, but also make new friends; During the long holidays, the association also organizes medium and long-distance cycling activities such as watching the sea in Bimonthly Bay, cycling in Nankun Mountain and cycling around Hainan Island, so as to let us exercise the will, strengthen the body and know the world. If you just want to relax after studying every day, we have activities such as cycling on Dashahe Greenway and Xili Reservoir for you. Being young, why not experience it! Though thousands of miles, I am going!

15. Admissions Publicity Association

The Admissions Publicity Association is a student publicity organization established under the Admissions Office of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, and the instructor is Zhao Ying of the Admissions Office. It was established on April 13, 2017. Since its establishment, it has held four large-scale winter vacation return visits for students in the whole campus, and also held special activities such as admissions publicity and cultural creation activities, and campus cross-talk competition. Now that you have met the Admissions Publicity Association, what are you unhappy about? We come from all corners of the country and gather in the HITSZ Admissions Publicity Association family to give advice for the annual high school return visit and contribute to the admissions publicity of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen. If you also have an enthusiastic heart for admissions and want more people to know us better, we have set up a stage here, waiting for your whimsy to add new colors to HITSZ. We are looking forward to your joining in this fall!

16. Badminton Association

Established in 2013, Badminton Association is committed to enriching students' extracurricular life, enhancing students' physical fitness, increasing students' cohesion and promoting their friendship. Badminton Association has become one of the association with the largest number of participants in the school due to the popularity and universality of badminton activities. The forms of activities are gradually diversified with the continuous development of Badminton Association. Badminton Association members are divided into general members and management members, and management members form the Presidium, Publicity Department, Activity Department, Organization Department, Assets Department and Finance Department. Here, you can participate in daily activities and special activities organized to improve your playing skills; You can also devote yourself to management, and actively participate in the association culture construction and activity preparation of Badminton Association. Badminton Association is a family, we can't make it without you ~ Welcome to join!

17. Liyuan Student News

Founded in November 2012, Liyuan Student News is a school-level first-class core association managed by the Youth League Committee, and distributes campus newspapers and promotes new media in Shenzhen University City. The newspaper consultants of Liyuan Student News are Secretary and Vice President of the campus. As the only physical publication in the campus, the students of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen compile, typeset and design it independently. Adhering to the concept of "close to students' campus life and spreading fine campus culture", they practice the position of recorder and disseminator of the historical development of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen Campus, and publish Chinese and English publications in the form of quarterly, which has been published to the 57th issue until now. There are literature sharing, photography, tweet production, etc., and close conversations with principals, academicians, masters and outstanding seniors, interviews and participation in various activities in the University City. As one of the 13 school media organizations of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area School Media Alliance, there are also rich opportunities to communicate with university media partners such as Tsinghua, Peking University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, South University of Science and Technology, Macau University and Shenzhen University. There are four departments of our Office, News Editing Department, Electronic Art Department and New Media Department. There's always one for you!

18. Phantom X Magic Association

18.Never reveal the secret of magic to the audience - teaching one of the three principles of magic, from the magic in Spring Festival Gala to the life. Magic Association holds magic teaching regularly. So, what magic tricks are taught? It can be said that from the magic in Spring Festival Gala to the daily magic. Specifically, it consists of three sections of poker, coins and props. In each section, three tutors will be selected from the previous students to be responsible for teaching. Perform, from 0 basis to performing on stage. Do you want to play magic with your elder brothers and sisters in Tsinghua and Peking University? Finally, Phantom X Magic Association sincerely looks forward to your joining!

19. Table Tennis Association

The Table Tennis Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen (hereinafter referred to as HITSZ Table Tennis Association) was officially founded in September 2017, and the first recruitment of association and the establishment of association management departments were carried out. Now, HITSZ Table Tennis Association has experienced two years of wind and rain, and it will grow and prosper in the fertile soil of Harbin Institute of Technology! HITSZ Table Tennis Association hosted two sessions of table tennis championships, participated in the organization of table tennis events in the sports culture festival, and the community activities are flourishing. The main activity place of the association has also returned to Harbin Institute of Technology's own activity center from the University City Sports Center. The number of association members has grown from over 40 at first to over 80 now, and many table tennis enthusiasts from Tsinghua and Peking University have joined in. The number of association members is nearly 100, which is not what it used to be. According to the division of responsibilities, HITSZ Table Tennis Association consists of the Organization Department, Technology Department, Publicity Department and Liaison Department, which are just like four gears. Only by working together can the Table Tennis Association run well. As we all know, table tennis is China's national ball, and athletes have won almost all the medals of table tennis events in the international arena. As the only table tennis association in Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, we have the obligation and confidence to provide a platform for all table tennis enthusiasts in Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen to exchange and learn from each other.

20. Freehand Sketching Association

20.Watercolors are like clouds, sketched by tubes, and graphite fragments are scattered like starlight. Go for a walk with a line, and go hiking across this room and city streets; Record with a touch of color, freeze at this moment, and make the great beauty of the world stop here. When you sketch, you are the creator of that world. We are Freehand Sketching Association, creating for the ideal art. Maybe you have built magnificent wonders in your mind, but you suffer from the lack of a gifted pen; Maybe you love painting and need a platform to share and communicate; Or you are already a master and want to make more like-minded friends; Then, the Freehand Sketching Association looks forward to and welcomes your arrival. In terms of activities, the role paro and the painter challenge card are just handy, the king game, painting game, etc. are regularly opened, and there are collections of paintings with the theme of seasons or festivals, as well as peripheral output linked with campus cultural creation. We play together and hone our skills in the process to make progress together. No matter landscape or figures, cartoon or illustrations, black and white or full color, paper and pen or graphics tablet, they can find their place here. If you also like painting, please allow me to invite you sincerely, and we sincerely look forward to your joining.

21. HIT+ Photography Association

21.The HIT+ Photography Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen was established in June, 2018, with the aim of gathering photography enthusiasts, providing photography enthusiasts with a platform to exchange photography and make appointments, improving our photography level and appreciation ability, and cultivating aesthetic and artistic sentiments. We have good communication relations with Tsinghua Light and Shadow Association and Peking University Nanyan Photography Association, and jointly hold photography lectures and outdoor photography activities from time to time. As a photography interest association, the association actively carries out photography-related learning, practice, exchange and other activities: We hold more than one school photography competition and film festival every school year; We invite professional photographers to give lectures at school from time to time; We go out to take photos once or twice a month, so that members can gain new knowledge and progress from practice. In the past year, we led photography enthusiasts of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen to shoot the nightscape of the city in Shenzhen Talent Park, and to shoot the afterglow of the sunset in Xiwan Mangrove Park. Besides, we also invited many photographers from outside the school to give lectures. We are now recruiting new members from the students studying in the University City. Regardless of your skill level, you are welcome to join us as long as you have a high passion for photography! Scan the QR code of our association’s WeChat official account (WeChat: hitpluspa) to follow our latest recruitment information and get the QR code of our recruitment consultation group.

22. Logical Thinking Association

Founded in June 2017, the Logical Thinking Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen is a student activity association jointly established by 16 undergraduate and graduate students with the aim of "providing a platform for teachers and students to exercise their comprehensive abilities such as logical reasoning, interpersonal communication, etc.; cultivating more outstanding talents with independent thinking habits and logical thinking for the school", and aims to improve students' logical reasoning ability. The members of the association cover undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral students and graduated alumni of HITSZ, and we have maintained good relations with the relevant associations of neighboring Tsinghua University and Peking University, and often hold fellowship activities together. There are three departments under the association, namely, the Presidium, Activity Department and Liaison Department, which are in charge of the daily activities, event planning and fellowship exchanges of the association respectively. The daily activities of the association mainly include language, chess and card board games every Friday and Saturday night, as well as unscheduled murder mystery, desktop role-playing games and the research and development of various board games. In terms of competitions, our association has successfully held a session of "University City Wolf Killing Competition", and plans to organize more activities and competitions related to logical thinking in the next academic year. In February of this year, the official account of Logical Thinking Association was officially launched, and we began to upload videos of online group running, and released news of our association. If you are interested in logical reasoning, board game design, etc., and you are interested in organizing and promoting activities related to logical thinking, the Logical Thinking Association will be the best stage for you to show yourself and show your talents! Welcome to Logical Thinking Association!

23. HITSZ Volleyball Association

Established in 2002, the Volleyball Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen (HITSZ Volleyball Association for short) is an interest sports association spontaneously formed by students in Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen under the guidance of Teacher Li Yu, and it is an important part of students' sports associations and one of the earliest sports associations in the school. Since its establishment, HITSZ Volleyball Association has continued its love and passion for volleyball, encouraging more students to participate in this sport, to know about volleyball and to like volleyball. As a sports interest association, HITSZ Volleyball Association welcomes students of all majors at different levels to join us actively. Here, you can win honor for your school, and also relax and feel a sense of belonging. This is the harbor of volleyball players; It has been practiced by fearless youth on volleyball courts, and it is looking forward to the influx of youthful blood! Be the toughest opponent on the court and the most trusted friend off the court. HITSZ Volleyball Association is looking forward to your joining!

24. Wushu Association

The Wushu Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen was established in July 2019. The instructor of the association is teacher Sun Yunxu, and the instructors of martial arts are Mr. Xu Qiude and teacher Yang Chuansheng from Taiwan. At present, the association can teach boxing such as Tongbei Boxing, Zhongyi Boxing, Baji Boxing, as well as equipment courses such as Fengmo Stick, Miao Dao and Cross Sword Tactic, etc. The curriculum is set based on the principle of gradual progress, from shallow to deep, so that students can master the basic theories, basic techniques, primary routines and methods of self-defense. In order to improve the members' comprehensive ability and sense of teamwork, the association actively participates in performances on and off campus and Wushu competitions at provincial, municipal and school levels. At present, the association has successfully performed in "HITSZ New Year Cultural Show 2020" and "New Year Show 2020, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering". At the same time, it represented the school to participate in the "2nd Pearl River Delta Tai Chi Exchange Competition" for the first time and won the Group Third Prize. In addition, the association initiates and organizes activities such as card, dinner, play, etc., to relieve members' nervous study pressure and improve their friendship. Let the association not only become a place to practice Wushu and exercise, but also a big family where we make progress together and enjoy happiness and warmth! The Wushu Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen is looking forward to your joining!

25. Guitar Association

Established in July 2018, Guitar Association is a school-level interest association with more than 100 members. We love guitar, so we, are together. The sound of playing is heard, and the fingers are dazzling; Folk songs are storytelling, classical songs are deep and inspiring, and electro-acoustic sounds diffuse and flaunt. The Guitar Association's characteristic activity, Introduction Teaching for Beginners, has been held consistently since its establishment. Advanced offline teaching and interactive skills have been included in the plan before, and new lecture exchange activities are being planned. The association also has various activities and stages for you to display your talents, as long as you have the ability. The slightly immature guitar association still needs to be perfected in many aspects, so we are hard-working people who make history. We hope everyone will actively participate in the activities of our Guitar Association and put forward suggestions and opinions. "I will do my best. If I am lucky enough to be trusted by you, if you love a melody or a song, if you in love a guitar, come on, I hope we will spend the years without regrets together. I hope that the guitar will be the warmth that accompanies you through sadness, pain, fear and anxiety, and also a light that shows your bright heart." - the current newbie black hole president who strives for advancement. To be concise, we will try our best and hope that everyone can come to this big family.

26. Nanshan Literature Association

We believe that the blood of literature should flow in students' bodies, whether in rigorous technical universities or romantic and liberal comprehensive universities of arts and sciences. Because literature is the language carrying thoughts and an important channel for people to express themselves. It has been three years since the establishment of Nanshan Literature Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen. We are adhering to the tenet of "simplicity, tolerance, truth and debate, and diversity", exploring the real humanities in the best university of science and technology in China. To this end, we organize reading parties with a wide range of topics, seminars on current events, awards for soliciting contributions, and creative design. We talk about Confucian classics, study online literature, discuss current hot spots, trace cultural context, write poems, songs, film reviews and novels, and build Nanshan Literature Association into a platform for students of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen to show their unique talents. We operate the WeChat official account of Literature Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen online. Our WeChat official account shares some novels and essays, the summary of reading party, appreciation of poems written by students themselves and so on. We believe that all this is just the beginning of Nanshan Literature Association. In the future, she will accompany Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen through more years, and establish the spiritual highland of this engineering college, a "Nanshan" which only belongs to the people of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen. And among them, we are looking forward to seeing you.

27. Football Association

The Football Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen is an association-like association that focuses on bringing together all the school's football lovers and is responsible for holding school football matches. We have had friendly cooperation with the Sports Department for many times in the organization of matches, such as the Freshmen Cup and the Sports Culture Festival Football Match, which provided a stage for football lovers in the whole school to give full play to their talents. At the same time, the Football Association is also committed to finding and providing excellent players for the school team, to compete for honors on behalf of the school in University City competitions. As the first sport in the world, football has been widely loved by people. Whether it is the smooth performance of a strong team or the heroic posture of a weak team, it is the most beautiful scenery on the court. In campus, students should also get more attention and appreciation for their sweaty posture on the court for the glory of departments and schools. We hope that you who are interested in joining the Football Association can successfully let all school students see that there are such a group of united and talented players on the court, running to the last moment for the glory of our college and school! We also hope that through our work, all the students participating in the competition can harvest the best memories in college life!

28. Food Association

The Food Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen is a large-scale association composed of more than 400 members and more than 30 core members of the management of the Food Association. The purpose of the Food Association is to understand, appreciate and create food, and the activities of the Food Association just uphold this purpose. After joining the Food Association, you will be able to participate in the following activities: 1. Monthly kitchen activities: Teaching activities organized by the Food Association on a monthly basis. You will go deep into the Liyuan No.3 Canteen, learn cooking skills from the chefs in the canteen, cook in person and show your talents! 2. Shop exploring activities and gourmet photography activities: Happy dinner. Comment and recommend your favorite dishes to your classmates! Take pictures of the food you encounter in your life and submit them to the food photography activities to win wonderful gifts! 3. Food weekly and cooking show: Join the Food Association, learn about the food in different regions, and let the food take you all over China! 4. Cooperation with Liyuan No.3 Canteen: The Food Association has reached a cooperation with Liyuan No.3 Canteen. You can get the latest food, food recommendation, food price and other information from Liyuan No.3 Canteen in our WeChat official account of Food Association! Here, you can learn about food in our WeChat official account, you can enjoy food happily, and learn how to cook and make food. What are you waiting for? Join us quickly!

29. ACGN Culture Association

Established in 2017, ACGN Culture Association aims to provide a place for students who love ACGN culture to exchange and learn, and to change the inherent impression of ACGN culture through our activities. After three years' development, the association has not only carried out activities to help people better understand the ACGN culture, but also become a platform for creators to communicate with each other. As to the association activities, the association holds screenings every weekend, and various community activities every school year. The association also actively participate in outside activities. In the 2019 school year, we assisted the Association Union in holding video editing training, and undertook the editing work of the New Year's video of the associations at the same time. In the past two years, we participated in the Bilibili Dance Festival on behalf of Harbin Institute of Technology together with the relevant associations of our headquarters and Weihai Campus, and achieved excellent results for our school. The ACGN Culture Association welcomes you to join us!

30. Tennis Association

Established in 2014, the Tennis Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, abbreviated as HITSZTA in English, falls into the category of the interest association of sports competition. The association consists of management members, school team members and registered members. Among them, the management has three departments: the President Group, the Project Department and the Publicity Department, and it is responsible for assisting the school Sports Department in managing the school tennis team. The main purpose of the association is to promote tennis and give students who love tennis a stage chance to develop themselves, to promote the tennis level of students in Harbin Institute of Technology, to enrich students' college life and enliven the school's stylistic atmosphere. Here, you can strengthen your body and learn noble and elegant tennis; Here, you can learn other skills and have a stage to show your talents; Here, you can make like-minded friends and gain the purest friendship in the university. You go to the net, and I chase the ball, hoping to meet you in September when we enroll, because the Tennis Association will inject youthful vitality and be more full of future with you. Let's "love tennis deeply"!

31. Speech and Eloquence Association

Are you still nervous about speaking in public? Are you still regretting the allophasis of meeting someone you like? Or do you have the problems that you don't know how to show your good eloquence, and can't find like-minded partners? Then the Speech and Eloquence Association is the place to solve these problems. Here we will provide you with complete solutions for optimizing expression, developing eloquence and building self-confidence. There are not many technical requirements for the members of the Speech and Eloquence Association - as long as you have a heart willing to take action for eloquence. Here, we have professional teachers to teach you eloquence. Here, we have all kinds of "masters" to join hands with you. Here, we have a "round table" to provide a platform for daily training and getting to know others. We have miniTED, Model United Nations, keynote speech contest and many other stages to show ourselves. Here, you can also exchange and study with students from other schools, participate in various speech contests inside and outside the school, and enjoy warm dinners and parties. What is important is that when you come to the Speech and Eloquence Association, you will collide with interesting thinking and learn to look at various problems with more rational thinking and maturity; When you come here, you will change your words subtly and learn to achieve the best results through language on different occasions; When you come here, you will embrace talking, cultivate temperament, be more calm and confident, and win the first step in college.

32. Sports Dance Association

Sports dance is divided into two categories and ten kinds of dance. Modern dance includes waltz, Vienna waltz, tango, foxtrot and trot; Latin dance includes cha-cha, rumba, cowboy, samba and bullfighting. As a competitive sport, it also has strong artistic performance. Established in 2017, the Sports Dance Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen is the only sports dance association in the campus. In the Sports Dance Association, everyone can not only show their style at the dancing party and on the stage, but also participate in high-level competitions and win awards. Dozens of students who are interested in sports dance gather here, including students with zero foundation and students with higher level (more importantly, a balanced ratio of men and women). Under the guidance of professional instructors, we will carry out regular teaching activities and provide courses at different levels. I believe many students have got a preliminary knowledge of this sport in physical education class. A semester's sports dance course can provide you with a preliminary understanding. If you want to learn a deeper level of sports dance, or if you don't choose sports dance classes but want to get in touch with sports dance, or even want to meet more interesting souls, you are welcome to join the Sports Dance Association!

33. Japanese Association

The Japanese Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen is a student association set up spontaneously by Japanese learners and enthusiasts, aiming at building a harmonious and friendly family for Japanese learners, providing a place for Japanese theme exchange, and making members to make progress together with ease and pleasure. Maybe you are already a master who is active as a translator, or a freshman who has never learned Japanese before. As long as you have a passion for learning Japanese, the Japanese Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen welcomes you. The Japanese Association creates an atmosphere of Japanese learning and stimulates everyone's interest in Japanese by carrying out colorful activities. Through Japanese dubbing, animation MV remake, Japanese knowledge contest and Japanese teaching and training, all members of the association can be influenced by Japanese culture in a subtle way. You can meet friends in Japanese and realize the soul of cherry blossoms and chrysanthemums. The Japanese Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen sincerely looks forward to your joining!

34. English Association

HITSZ English Association aims to create an English communication platform, so that English lovers can have a channel to contact like-minded friends, to provide a platform for students who love English and have English learning needs to use English in practice, and to play a role in reminding everyone to learn English and making everyone realize the importance of using English. The English Association of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen cooperates closely with the English Association of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School and the English Association of Graduate School at Shenzhen Tsinghua University to hold cross-campus English exchange activities often and explore the establishment of a highly integrated cross-campus English learning organization.

35. Nanfeng Roller Skating Association

In Nanfeng Roller Skating Association, we help each other and make progress together. We don't need to be afraid of every fall, because there must be help from friends around us; We don't need to dance alone on the flat ground, because we can always gather a group of people. God didn't give us wings, but we flew on wheels! HITSZ Roller Skating Association is a student association integrating fitness, competition, skills, entertainment and leisure. HITSZ Roller Skating Association is based on the campus, taking serving its members as the foundation, organizing technical training, conducting cross-school exchanges and carrying out roller skating activities, to let students feel the charm of roller skating, enrich their extracurricular life and enhance their physical fitness. Roller skating is a sport that reflects strength and skill, and it is also an art that pays attention to restraint and balance. This association advocates letting yourself fly, flaunting your personality and showing your youthful style! Here, you can experience the elegance of fancy roller skating on flat ground, the stimulation of fancy braking and the passion of speed roller skating. Here, you can challenge your own limits, deduce the melody of youth with wheels, slip out of your fashion and show a different style. Where there is us, we are the focus, a beautiful landscape in the campus. Welcome students interested in roller skating to join HITSZ Nanfeng Roller Skating Association!

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