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A HITSZ team won second prize in the China Postgraduate Robot Innovation Design Contest


The 3rd China Postgraduate Robot Innovation Design Contest, attended by 762 teams from 167 universities across China, was concluded recently. The Jumping Robot team from the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation won second prize with their ultra-micro controllable jumping robot. That was the best result ever achieved in this contest by any team from a Guangdong-based university.

The China Postgraduate Robot Innovation Design Contest is one of the industry-specific contests in the China Postgraduate Innovation Practice Competition Series. It is the largest robot design contest for graduate students in China when it comes to the number of participating teams. The entries in this year’s contest focused on new concepts, technologies, and products in robotics. The participants explored the global sci-tech frontier, took into account major fields that mattered to economic growth, and tried to meet the country’s needs with what they achieved. By making robotic designs that could be translated into useful applications, they hoped to be part of the country’s effort to further sci-tech innovations. The contest awarded 4 grand prizes, 14 first prizes, 28 second prizes, and 136 third prizes.


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