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30 internationally top universities interpreted their admissions policies and procedures on the HITSZ International Open Day


On October 16, the biennial HITSZ International Open Day took place at the Student Activity Center. Admissions officers from 30 top universities around the world, including the University of Manchester, the National University of Singapore, John Hopkins University, Duke University, and the University of Toronto, offered prospective applicants clear advice to help them make informed choices. This was the second such event hosted by HITSZ in an effort to promote academic exchange and broaden students’ horizons.

At the event, which lasted six hours, presentations were made to introduce the universities and cover topics like programs, scholarships, and career prospects. Over one thousand students consulted the universities to get information they needed. Some booths even had many students lining up for a chance to communicate.

Wang Jiaqing, a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering, spent the whole morning at the event and talked with staff from several of his dream universities. “For me, what matters most is whether a university’s advantageous disciplines are related to my major. Plus, I consider whether I can adapt to the culture and living environment of the country where the university resides.” He said.

“Such events are great. I care about universities’ global rankings and research capabilities. Tuition is not a decisive factor. According to our university’s policy, if a student achieves remarkable academic results in an overseas program, the university will provide a financial incentive, which motivates us a lot.” Yang Liangxuan, a sophomore majoring in automation, told us.


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