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The 322nd China Engineering Science and Technology Forum Was Held in Shenzhen: Experts and Scholars Talked about Big Data Development


On November 4-6, 2020, Wei Jun, Assistant to the President of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, attended the "322nd China Engineering Science and Technology Forum - Cyberspace Smart Search and Future Data Forum and delivered a speech. The forum was held in the form of online and offline combination. More than 120 outstanding scholars and new academic talents in big data and related fields at home and abroad conducted in-depth discussions on artificial intelligence, big data search, privacy protection, data management, digital economy, software development and other aspects. Academicians Pan Yunhe, Fang Binxing and Liao Xiangke of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Executive Dean Wang Xuan of School of Computer Science and Technology, Director Huang Haitao of Information and Electronics Department of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Jia Yan of National University of Defense Technology, Professor Philip S. Yu of University of Illinois at Chicago, Academician Pei Jian of Royal Society of Canada, Simon Fraser University of Canada, Professor Zhang Yanchun of Victoria University of Australia, Professor Lin Xuemin of New South Wales of Australia, Professor Zhang Min of Soochow University, Professor Zhou Xiaofang of Queensland University, Professor Li Qing of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Professor He Daojing of East China Normal University, and Professor Liu Yiqun of Tsinghua University attended the meeting.


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