About  Medical Insurance
Under the law of China, international students whose length of study is over 1  semester in China must purchase insurance in China which should cover  “appropriate medical and accidental insurance for the duration of their study”.  China Pingan Insurance Company provides comprehensive insurance plans for  foreign students studying in China. The insurance plan costs RMB 300 / half  year or RMB 600 / year. Students are responsible for their insurance coverage.  Students with CSC Full-scholarship enjoy the medical insurance fee waiver.
1. HIT Shenzhen  will purchase “Foreign Students Comprehensive Insurance” for all International  students.
2. Short program  and exchange program students may purchase insurance in their own country. The  insurance shall cover medical and accident insurance during the term students  study at HIT Shenzhen. Students shall produce the insurance policy and submit  the photocopy of the policy to International Affair Office.
3. For any  circumstances relate to “Foreign Students Comprehensive Insurance”, please  refer to the relevant provisions of Ping An Insurance Company of China.  Website: www.lxbx.net
4. We recommend  international students to purchase insurance for their family members while in  China.

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